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You will be working for a relatively small but highly successful global company, a real hidden champion that creates embedded multimedia software for the next generations of in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems. The customers are top brands automotive companies around the world.

As a Build and Release Engineer, you will perform an integral role in implementing and executing embedded multimedia software release processes and be responsible for the tools involved. You will work closely with the Development and Quality Assurance teams to provide a full build infrastructure and automated tools to facilitate and ensure the consistent delivery of high quality in-vehicle infotainment solutions. This role requires an energetic and motivated individual with strong communication, organization, and technical skills who works well in a fast-paced dynamic environment and has the personality, desire and ability to become more involved in the overall operations of a company.


  • responsible for software cross platform builds and releases
  • responsible for the design and development of scripts, installation procedures, and systems including source code control and issue tracking
  • architecting, maintaining, and streamlining our automated build and release pipeline from code compilation, automated testing, to deploying releases to multiple environments
  • maintaining source control branches and performing integrations with merge conflicts
  • facilitating and championing the quick resolution of problems found during the builds
  • creating and maintaining effective documentation of the build/release process
  • investigating tools and processes and integrating them so that they can improve the reliability, stability and efficiency of the releases
  • working closely with the Development team to integrate new deployment processes and strategies to meet the feature requirements
  • working closely with a Quality Assurance team to ensure product builds are up to organizational standards

This position requires someone who

  • is self-motivated, proactive and able to work under minimal supervision
  • pays attention to details and is highly organized
  • has excellent written and communication skills
  • has very good knowledge in English
  • is willing to improve on existing processes to allow for faster iterations
  • is able to read and understand code as well as develop necessary tools
  • has a passion for delivering a quality experience to customers
  • has the ability to work in a fast-paced environment where iterative changes may need to go out in rapid succession
  • is comfortable working within established code and process frameworks

  • strong programming skills and 2 years of experience with C and C++ in a professional environment
  • strong knowledge of source control management and tools
  • hands-on experience with continuous build, release and deployment systems
  • strong scripting experience with batch/ shell scripting under Windows and Linux
  • strong track record of learning new tools and technologies
  • strong background in IT project management and software development
  • strong knowledge of Git
  • working experience with Jenkins, JIRA, Confluence
  • experience with container technologies such as Docker, LXC or Spoon
  • strong knowledge of unit testing and automated testing

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